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Practice Areas - Family Law

Deciding on Divorce

Divorce is a stressful and emotional time for everyone involved. Whether it is a client seeking an uncontested divorce or an individual with alimony questions, our attorneys at the Arreaza Law Group, LLC, can help. As experienced divorce attorneys, we have an intimate knowledge of the divorce laws of Florida and the experience to answer all of the questions that arise during this difficult time. For example:

  • How will our marital assets and debts be divided?
  • How will our personal property and real estate be divided?
  • How will retirement accounts and pensions be divided?
  • How much alimony will I give or receive and for how long?
The Arreaza Law Group, LLC is experienced in helping clients with their divorce issues no matter how simple or complicated they may be. When it comes to divorce, we try to find a positive resolution to any dilemma, reducing the cost of the conflict. If you and your spouse can agree with the distribution of property, custody of the children, and division of other assets, the pain and costs associated with the divorce proceedings are greatly reduced. The Arreaza Law Group, LLC, can help you come to an agreement you can both live with so you can resolve your dispute amicably and in the best interests of each other, yourselves and your children. If you cannot settle the case amicably and need to go to court, we can handle that, as well. We work aggressively on behalf of our clients to achieve a positive outcome.

If you are having problems in your marriage and think divorce may be the best alternative, we welcome the chance to talk to you. We have been helping clients through the divorce process for over 15 years and we want to help you, too, take the first step toward a new chapter in your life.

Understanding the Divorce Process

The divorce process begins with an in-depth interview with one of our professionals. We then prepare and file a petition with the court to dissolve the marriage. The petition lists the names of both spouses and children (if any), lists property and assets, and details the financial status of the couple individually. One of the spouses must serve the other with the petition, and in most cases must hire a professional process server to deliver the initial summons or petition.

Once the papers are served the time begins to run on the trial period to establish a date of separation. This is very important, because in many states like Florida, you are required to respopnd to the summons within 20 calendar days.

Once the temporary orders are established, spouses have the opportunity for discovery. Discovery is just that; the listing of all assets, property, and other information pertinent to the divorce. This process can take months or years, depending on how forthcoming the spouses are. After discovery, the couple can negotiate a settlement through mediation with having to resort to a formal trial. It is often easier for couples to abide by an agreement they set themselves, rather than have a court mandate one.

Unfortunately, many divorces often have to enter a formal trial. These affairs can be physically and emotionally exhausting, but may be necessary in order to finally end a troubled marriage. Trials can also help determine appropriate levels of child custody, alimony, and property division. Unfortunately, divorce trials are not always the final word, as spouses can appeal to a higher court if the findings of the lower court are not satisfactory.

Regardless of the route that your divorce proceedings take, you deserve expert guidance throughout the process. If you are facing a divorce, make sure to have a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney on your side. Don't take the chance that your rights may be violated - get the assistance that you need today.

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