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Personal Injury

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Personal Injury

The solution to your accident case begins here.

If you are visiting this website chances are that you or someone close to you was in an accident and you are looking for answers. You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Our Law Firm. Alex F. Arreaza Esq, which is the founding member of The Arreaza Law Firm has been handling accident cases at every stage for over seventeen years. The first you want to do is take a deep breath and and begin to organize your thoughts. You want to make sure that before you worry about seeing an attorney you must make sure that you seek medical attention immediately. The most important thing is your health. After this we can concentrate on your case. When you call us we will set up an initial consultation free of charge. I will answer all your questions and at this point the firm will tell you if we believe you have a case and you will decide if we are the firm for you. We are also available to come to you if you are not able to make it to our office. This webpage also has a section called tell us about your case. You can write to us through this link and we will email you right back.

At the Arreaza Law firm we stride to make this process as simple as possible for our clients. The next section that you are about to read will walk you through the process of how an accident case is handled.


The process begins by making sure that you have receive or have begun to receive all the medical help necessary to begin recovering your health. Remember without your health nothing else will matter. The next step is to set up an appointment to go over your case with Mr. Arreaza. This can be done in person or by phone. We also have a system set up so that you could do your initial consultation over the internet. Which ever way you choose the representation will begin when the individual suffering the injury enters into a retainer agreement with the Arreaza Law Firm. This is done by executing a contract. This contract will come in a package along with other documents that must be filed. These documents are medical authorization to get your medical records, authorization to get the police report, and couple other authorization more specific to your particular injury. The packet will also have an informational section that will have to be filled out. This one we would prefer to be with you when it is filled out.

Once those documents are signed and filled out then the office sends of to the insurance company and request all the insurance information. A letter is also sent to the hospital and doctors to get their records and a letter is also sent to the police in order to get the police report. A file is prepared with all this information gathered. The office then waits until the clients is done treating with their doctor and then a final report is request. Once the injured reaches maximum medical improvement ((MMI), then the office takes the final report and other records and prepares what is called a demand package. In this demand package the law firm or lawyer outlines his clients injuries and how they were the result of the insured. After making their argument they make a claim for a certain amount of money that is within the limits of the insurance policy owned by the insured. The insurance company will respond and the negotiations begin. In most instances the case will end with a settlement.

If the case does not end with a settlement then the injured and his lawyer will consider filing a lawsuit in the appropriate court. This will start with filing a complaint. The cost for this is usually $409.00 in florida. The party causing the accident will be sued and they will be required to respond this will be done by either filing an answer or a motion to dismiss. At this point it is likely that the process of “discovery” will begin. This is the process of discovery what evidence the parties have or are looking for. This will be done by the parties to the lawsuit using varies instruments to do this. The first is a set of interrogatories. This is a set of questions that the parties involved will serve on the opposing party. The next instrument is a request to produce documents listed. This requires the parties to produce certain documents requested. When the party requesting the answer to the questions receives the answers and documents requested then they will likely set a deposition. The party setting the depositions will be asking the opposing party questions under oath. Once the discovery process is done then they parties will be ready to ask for a trial date. Once you announce to the court that your side is ready for trial then the judge will enter a trial order This order will require the parties to go to mediation before going to trial. If the parties don’t settle the case at mediation then the parties will go forward with a trial. In trial the case will be taken before a jury an the jury will make its decision.

The process is a complicated one. This is the reason that you will need a lawyer that knows what he is doing and that you trust. At the Arreaza Law Firm we will walk you through the process in an effort to get the best possible outcome. Let our experience and knowledge work for you.

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